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Week beginning August 3rd - Savoury Pancetta Doughnuts w Cherry Plum Ketchup and Nomad Cookies

Now in our 311th week Kaffeine's menu's are soon to celebrate its 6th year in operation. On the eve of our candy, iron and wood anniversary it's time to reflect; and for the kitchen team to give ourselves a pat on the back and maybe a non-coffee based drink (wink). 

Every Friday afternoon Chef Khan and I sit down and write our menus for the following week. We observe our market reports and see whats good now and what possible new and exciting ingredients are on the rise, hopefully setting a trend before others. It's this process that makes working in Kaffeine's kitchens exciting, the ever changing menus and learning or brushing up on old skills and knowledge. 

In saying this sometimes devising a new menu can have it's mental blocks. Until the end of 2013 I would sit under the stairs at Kaffeine GTS and stare vacantly at the tiled wall trying to come up with new themes and combinations of food. Though in theory food options are endless it can still be a struggle. To clear the mind I started writing the menu and blog while in another cafes, sometimes at home and often while traveling to Paris. I realised inspiration is found in a change of scenery and helped me with new perspectives. 

This weeks menu at Eastcastle Street was inspired by several things, one being a conversation with Ross who supplies us with foraged goods. Ross likes to give me fun little facts on the wild products I order. This week he told me cherry plums are a popular and common ingredient in Georgia and are used for making ketchup. This passing of info gave me an idea to fill savoury pancetta doughnuts with cherry plum ketchup. Often coming up with a new tart is the hardest challenge for me but thanks to Ross I knew on Wednesday what the following weeks tart would be.

The rest of this weeks menu was however written at home while eating a naughty combination of junk food; crisps and strawberry softies. Which leads me to our new cookie, these are actually an old recipe I created in my career past working for a New York style bagelry. These cookies are a combination of sweet, salty, gooey and crisp. Named nomad cookies these nomadic bakes lend their name from the ingredients which are from all over the place. A trashy jargon of chocolate, coffee, cranberries, crips, toffee and pretzels, basically a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's on a cookie. 

If you happen to be in the area or not (and you want make the worthwhile journey) come in a treat yourself with Kaffeine's 311th menu, best downed with your preferred espresso. 

Jared Bryant
Lead Chef
Eastcastle Street

Khan Kein
Lead Chef
Great Titchfield Street

Great Titchfield Street Menu

Traditional bircher muesli with Greek yoghurt and rhubarb and raspberry compote (v, nuts, milk) 4.00
Granola muesli with pomegranate molasses, Greek yoghurt and rhubarb and raspberry compote (v, nuts) 4.00
Fruit salad with pineapple, mango, strawberries, grapes, passion fruit (v, gf) 3.90
Ciabatta roll with omelette, pancetta, rocket and tomato salsa 5.00
Ciabatta roll with avocado, omelette, rocket and tomato salsa 5.00
Croissant with Italian roast ham, talleggio cheese, spinach & plum tomatoes 4.90
Cinnamon and Raisin Toast 2.50

Pastries by Seven Seed bakery
French butter croissant 2.00
Pain au chocolat 2.50
Almond croissant 2.80

Baked Treats
Sweet muffin: Apricot and almond (v, cereals, milk) 2.50
Savoury Scones: Roasted red pepper and mozzarella (v, cereals, milk) 2.50
Friand: Raspberry and dark chocolate (v, gf, milk, nut)  2.50
Super moist chocolate brownies (gf) 2.70
White chocolate blondies 2.50
Portuguese tarts 2.00
ANZAC cookies 2.00
Almond and custard slice 2.80
Banana bread 2.50
Raspberry and coconut slice 2.50 (v, gf)

French retro baguettes 5.30
Ham, grilled peach, pickled jalapeño, cheddar cheese, baby spinach. (cereals, milk, vinegar) 
Grilled courgette, roasted red pepper, mushroom, basil goat's curd sauce, rocket. (cereals, v, milk)

Foccacias 5.50
Crispy pancetta, soft boiled egg, brie cheese, plum tomato, rocket. (cereals, milk, egg)
Slow roasted tomato, mashed avocado, mozzarella, alfalfa sprouts, baby spinach. (cereals, v, milk)

Salads: 5.50/6.90
Spiced chicken, yellow pepper, cherry tomato, white beans, shallot, harissa dressing, gem lettuce. (gf, df)
Blackberry, avocado, fresh peach, roasted walnut, goat's cheese, basil, raspberry dressing, baby spinach.(v, gf,  milk, vinegar, nut)
Crusted butternut pumpkin with dill, parmesan cheese and soured cream.
(v, cereal, milk)

Blanched vegetable salad with sesame seeds and smoked chilli dressing (v, gf, oyster, sesame oil)

Tart: 4.40 or 8.00 with salads
Layered beef with  tomato sauce and quinoa, creamy cheese. (cereals, milk)

Eastcastle Street Menu

Traditional bircher muesli with Greek yoghurt and rhubarb and raspberry compote (v, nuts, milk) 4.00
Paleo granola with with Greek yoghurt and rhubarb and raspberry compote (gf, ve, nuts) 4.00
Fruit salad with pineapple, mango, strawberries, grapes and passion fruit (gf, v) 3.90
Smoked paprika brioche, calvados potato mash, medium baked egg, grilled courgette and onions with crème fraiche and chives (cereal, milk, egg) 5.00
Maple cured bacon in a sourdough wrap with own made smoked ketchup, mont d'or cheese and rocket (milk, egg) 4.90
Croissant with Italian roast ham, talleggio cheese, spinach and plum tomatoes 4.90
Croissant with smoked salmon, chopped egg, tomato and sprouts (cereal, milk, egg, mustard) 5.00

Pastries by Seven Seed bakery
French butter croissant (milk) 2.00
Pain au chocolat (milk) 2.50
Almond croissant (milk, almonds) 2.80

Baked Treats
Muffins - Peach and raspberry (v, cereal, milk, egg) 2.50
Savoury – Curried peas and feta (v, cereal, milk) 2.50
Chocolate brownies (gf, milk) 2.70
ANZAC cookies (nuts) 2.00
Ladybird tarts (v, milk, eggs) 2.90
Banana bread (milk) 2.50
Matcha Powder Power Tart 2.90
Portuguese Tarts 2.00
Raspberry and coconut slice 2.50 (v, gf)

Flat Bread Wraps 5.00
Kaffeine Sourdough flat-bread with smoked salmon, avocado, egg mayo, mustard cress, tomato and spinach (cereal, fish, mustard)

Baguettes 5.30
Sourdough baguette with ham, gherkin, gruyere, dijon, red onion and rocket (cereal, milk, mustard) 
Sourdough baguette with sauté wild mushrooms and leek, manchego, tarragon pesto and watercress(v, cereal, milk, nuts)

Salads 5.50/7.00
Baked ham and pink lady with buffalo mozzarella, salty jelly beans, rocket and balsamic dressing (gf, milk, mustard)
Blackberry, mature cheddar and almond clusters, fennel, bilberry jam and watercress (v, gf, milk, nuts)   
Buckthorn glazed carrots with dittander flowers (ve, gf) 

Savoury Tart 4.40 or 8.00 with salads
Pancetta doughnut filled with cherry plum ketchup (cereal, milk, egg, celery, mustard) 

Weekend Menu - Eastcastle Street Only

Our second Chef Flavio brings his own style and flavours to the kitchen on the weekends at Eastcastle. He will run the menus for two weekends in a row so that we can enjoy it all the more.

Salads 5.50/7.00
Smoked salmon, avocado, spinach, dill, baked eggs, rocket, mixed seeds, sour dough croutons, mixed herbs and Hollandaise sauce.
(Fish, egg, seeds, g,)
Red cabbage, Apple, sour cream, celery, black currants, feta, roasted hazelnuts and maple cider mayo (Nuts, egg, gf,dairy, v)
French beans, asparagus, broad beans, chilli & lemon dressing (Gf,df, v, chilli, seeds)

Savoury Tart 4.40 or 8.00 with salads
Spinach cakes with carrot and lemon marmalade.
(Nuts, dairy, g, egg)

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