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Week beginning April 6th - Spring seasonality and Cambodian influences

This week for the Great Titchfield street menu, Khan has taken influence from the seasonal produce available at the moment including spring peas which she has used in one of our favourite baguettes with feta, courgette and lemon and mint dressing, and a wonderful organic spring chicken from HG Walters, roasted and served in our main salad. 

For the Eastcastle Street menu this week, Jared has taken influence from one of his favourite restaurants in Paris, and his story on this is below. 

Close to my boyfriends apartment in Paris is a suburb called Belleville, this is also known as the cosmopolitan hub of the capital and it is also where I am writing this weeks menu. I'm currently sitting in one of the many Asian eateries which are in the area munching on a plate of feisty black pepper beef. It's a popular and well know Cambodian restaurant called Le Cambodge, which happens to be a block away from HolyBelly, TenBells and Craft, three of Paris's more famous antipodean style cafes serving quality coffee. Because I am feeling inspired by my Cambodian lunch, this weeks menu at Kaffeine Eastcastle Street is based on the Golden Land's cuisine. 

This weeks savoury tart option is a fish curry soufflé baked in banana leaves, a combination of hot, salty and sweet with a touch of coconut cream and lime. 

Our salads will feature a ingredient that is steadily becoming popular in the UK 'galangal'. Used as a base for several of Cambodia's pastes which are then incorporated into cooking, from curries to dressings to being used as a rub before chargrilling meat. Galangal is related to the ginger family and was traditionally used as a tonic but has since made its way as a flavour enhancer. This rhizome is immensely fiery and pungent, once you try galangal, ginger just seems like a watered down cousin. 

All our salads this week are a fresh balance of sweet, hot and salty. There is quite a bit of peanut acton so please be wary if you have a allergy. 

So please come into Eastcastle this week and be fierce with our coffee and galangal. 

Jared Bryant
Lead Chef
Eastcastle Street

Khan Kein
Lead Chef
Great Titchfield Street

Eastcastle Street Menu

Fresh Paleo bircher muesli with shredded granny smith apples soaked in orange juice and Greek Yoghurt (v, nuts) £4.00
Paleo granola with shredded apple soaked in orange juice (gf, ve, nuts) £4.00
Fruit salad with pineapple, mango, strawberries, grapes and passion fruit (gf, v) £3.90
Brioche with calvados potato mash, medium baked egg, crème fraiche and chives (cereal, milk, egg) £5.00
Maple cured bacon sandwich with own made smoked ketchup, mondor cheese on gluten-free sourdough (gf, milk, egg) £4.00
Croissant with swiss eggs with spinach, ham and gruyere (cereal, milk, egg) £4.50
Croissant with smoked salmon, chopped egg, tomato and sprouts (cereal, milk, egg, mustard) £5.00

Pastries by Seven Seed bakery
French butter croissant (milk) £2.00
Pain au chocolat (milk) £2.50
Almond croissant (milk, almonds) £2.80

Baked Treats
Lime and coconut muffins (cereal, milk, egg) £2.50
Savoury - Pao de Rosa (v, cereal, milk, egg) £2.50
Vanilla Slice (gf, v, milk, eggs) £3.00
Chocolate brownies (gf, milk) £2.50
ANZAC cookies (gf, nuts ) £2.00
Banana bread (milk) £2.50
Gluten-free carrot cake (v, gf, milk, egg) £3.50

Gluten-free bagels with baked pumpkin, asian herb salad and camembert (v, gf, egg, milk, nut) £4.50
Sourdough baguette with chargrilled beef brisket with pickled carrot, papaya, chillies and peanuts (cereals, fish, peanuts) £5.00
Sourdough baguette with smoked salmon, fresh cheese, lime, cucumber and thai basil (cereals, fish, milk) £5.00

Salads £5.50/£7.00
Rice noodles, caramelised pepper pork, sweet potato and fresh herbs (gf, fish)
Prahok rice salad with green pepper corns, fresh red onion, carrots, cucumber and sprouts (f, gf, egg, fish, peanuts)  
Grilled aubergine with black pepper, lemon and peanuts (ve,gf, soy, peanuts)

Savoury Tart £4.40 or £8.00 with salad

Seafood amok soufflé in banana leaves (f, gf, fish, nut, soy)

Great Titchfield Street Menu

Traditional bircher muesli with Greek Yoghurt &  rhubarb and raspberry compote (v, nuts, milk) £4.00
Granola muesli with pomegranate molasses, Greek Yoghurt and rhubarb and raspberry compote (v, nuts) £4.00
Fruit salad  with pineapple, mango, strawberries, grapes, passion fruit (v, gf) £3.90
Ciabatta roll with omelette, pancetta, rocket and tomato salsa £4.90
Ciabatta roll with courgette omelette, rocket and tomato salsa £4.90
Croissant with Italian roast ham, talleggio cheese, spinach & plum tomatoes £4.90
Cinnamon and Raisin Toast £2.50

Pastries by Seven Seed bakery
French butter croissant £2.00
Pain au chocolat £2.50
Almond croissant £2.80

Baked Treats
Sweet muffin: Plum and almonds (v, cereals, milk,nut) £2.50
Savoury Scone: Sun-dried tomato and mozzarella ( v, cereals, milk) £2.50
Friand: Strawberries with dark chocolate (v, gf, egg, milk, nuts) £2.50
Super moist chocolate brownies £2.50
White chocolate blondies £2.50
Portuguese tarts £2.00
ANZAC cookies £2.00
Almond and custard slice £2.50
Banana bread £2.50
Canele £2.40

French retro baguettes £5.30
Ham, cranberry  jam, roasted red pepper, brie, spinach (cereals, milk)
Roasted courgette, mashed spring peas, feta, lemon and mint sauce, rocket (v, cereals,milk)

Foccacias £5.50
Tuna, sweetcorn mayo, cheddar cheese, spinach  (cereals, milk,fish)
Pancetta, butternut pumpkin, red onion, aioli, manchego cheese, rocket  (egg, cereals, milk)

Salads: £5.50/£7.00
Roasted chicken, avocado, courgette, tomato, walnut, polenta croutons, gremolata dressing (gf, nut, parsley)
Asparagus, grilled halloumi, red pepper, red onion, tomato chutney, rocket (v, gf,milk)
Coleslaw with seaweed, carrots, ginger, cucumber, mango, coriander, mint, sesame seeds, peanuts.(ve, gf, seeds, nuts)

Tart: £4.40 or £8.00 with salad
Roasted vegetables with black olive tapenade (cereal, milk, egg)

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