Monday, 11 March 2013

Week beginning March 11th - Beef roasted with coffee extract

Last Tuesday we had a glimpse and tease of summer, then by the end of the week mother earth spun her axial back. At the time of writing this the weather report had predicted light snow at the start of the week with sub zero temperatures. I’ve tried to reflect this week with a mixture of prolonged winter foods with a hint of a Spanish summer.

The tart this week is quite hearty and the beef filling has been roasted with coffee extract, red wine and Dijon mustard creating some ultimate savoury flavours. Essentially this week’s tart is a comforting pie served with sweet, tender haspi cabbage or as some people like to call it cone cabbage. Then each slice is garnished with fresh leaves of lady smock. This amazing little herb has a strong kick of horseradish. Quite intense at first, like a sneeze, then the flavours quickly mellows into a lingering mild peppery flavour.

Making a return this week in the salad department is something that will hopefully encourage the sun to push its way through the overcast skies. Watermelon served with smoked mozzarella, red onion, toasted almonds and dressed with lemon juice and pommary mustard. Sweet, creamy and very healthy, great eaten on its own and has enough substance to keep you going though to dinnertime. I quite often make this at home for lunch or dinner and it definitely kills any hunger pains and subdues the need for something sweet after my main. If you’re looking to shed some kilo before Easter, we have your lunch sorted.

If you’re looking for protein you’d better order a plate of salmon which has been baked in smoked paprika and served with tender and fragrant wild fennel leaves, strawberries, cucumber with a buckthorn dressing. Think Pimm’s meets paella, plenty of fibre, protein and omega 3.

Keep an eye out for the return of Kaffeine’s most famous spread carrot and lemon marmalade. I will be making a fresh batch on Monday, which will be ready to consume and purchase in jar from Tuesday. By the end of the week we will also reintroduce our hot-cross buns which are best served toasted and spread with butter and carrot marmalade.

Traditional bircher muesli with rhubarb and raspberry compote 3.50
Granola muesli with pomegranate molasses and rhubarb and raspberry compote 3.50
Fruit salad (pineapple, mango, strawberries, grapes, passionfruit, peach) 3.70 (add 30 p for granola or yoghurt)
Ciabatta roll with omelette, pancetta, rocket and tomato salsa 4.90
Ciabatta roll with courgette omelette, rocket and tomato salsa 4.90
Croissant with Italian roast ham, talleggio cheese, spinach & plum tomatoes 4.90
Croissant with gruyere cheese and plum tomatoes 4.00
Seven seed bakery bloomer toast with homemade preserves 1.70
Coffee, cherry and walnut toast 2.30
Banana bread 2.40

Porridge - Served with rhubarb and raspberry compote, chopped nuts, muscovado sugar, golden syrup or honey 3.00

Pastries by Seven Seed bakery
French butter croissants 1.80
Pain au chocolat 2.40
Almond croissants 2.80

Baked Treats
Sweet Muffins: Pear and plum 2.20
Savoury Scone: Red peppers and pesto 2.20
Mango friands 2.20
Super moist chocolate brownies 2.40
White chocolate blondies 2.40
Portuguese tarts 2.00
ANZAC cookies 1.80
Afgan cookies 1.80

Soup: Courgette, feta and mint 4.50

French retro baguettes 4.90
Pancetta, grilled plums, brie, spinach
Tuna, rouille, capers and rocket

Foccacias 5.00
Ham, blue cheese dressing, pickled red onions and rocket
Mushroom, welsh rarebit, spinach

Salads: 5.50/6.50
Salmon cooked in smoked paprika with wild fennel leaf, strawberry's, cucumber and buckthorn dressing
Watermelon, smoked mozzarella, toasted almonds, red onion, rocket with a lemon and mustard dressing
Saute medley of wild cabbage, sea beet and wild radish, with sea purslane dressing.

Tart: 4.00 or 7.50 with salad
Beef roasted in coffee and mustard, with hispi cabbage and lady smock leaf

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